Awnings can now be found at Sun Country! With a completely customizable experience, our awnings are made in Concord, Ontario by Rolltec. Since 1984, Rolltec has been the leading manufacturer of customizable awnings. The company engineers, sews, and ships the product directly from their location!

Their awnings also feature fabrics by both Sunbrella and World of Elegance. For shade and shelter, we can help you decide the best location to fit your awning and help you enjoy the outdoors.

Built with galvanized steel roller tubes and aluminum framing, Rolltec feature some of the best options available.


Options for Awnings

Some features include weather sensors, crank arms, electric motors with remote control, and angle inclination. These customizable options allow you to create the perfect set up for your awning in your backyard. For businesses, these awnings allow you to reach out and invite your clients with a warm welcome.

Wind sensors are also available, allowing your awning to automatically retract if it senses that the wind is too strong. The setting can be easily adjusted so you can personally set the strength of wind the awning can handle before it retracts. This is great for accidental moments when one forgets to roll an awning up before leaving home.

Sun sensors can also be added to the awnings. Sun sensors automatically extend the awning to help block the sun. If you’re away from the table or enjoying yourself too much to get up, let the automatic sensor do the work for you.

Stop in to our St. Catharines location to find out more about how to create and extend your outdoor living room in the backyard. Find what you’re missing out on and see our awnings set up in our store!

For more information, please call Sun Country (St. Catharines store only):